Some entrepreneur became successful in entrepreneurship because of their innovative way of thinking. They finding out new ideas in every situation they encountering. I observed also that a entrepreneur were all became successful because they were a optimistic person. They don't see the problem instead they see the opportunities behind of it.

Our instructor gave us a seat work to look for some successful entrepreneur in the internet and i found this people who really became successful.

1.  Lolita Hizon (Pampanga's Best)
                With over 39 years of making the best tocino and other meat products in the country, Pampanga's Best continues to be the country's top household brands. Lolita's tocino empire started as a cottage industry in Pampanga which soon became a 9.5-hectare processing plant and is now considered one of the country's finest businesses.

2.  Cecilio Pedro (Hapee Toothpaste)
                Being the first Filipino to make a world-class toothpaste brand and because of his unselfish support to the community, Cecilio Pedro is now considered one of the country's best entrepreneurs. His business ingenuity has given the country a fresh alternative to what was originally purely multinational.

3. Alfredo Yao (Zest-O)
Every FIlipino child has enjoyed the thirst-quenching effects of a juice drink in tetra pack that this businessman introduced in 1980. Being interested in the packaging business, he realized the potential of doy packs in the juice industry, one thing other juice companies failed to see. Zest-O Corporation is now exporting products around the world.

4. Socorro Ramos (National Bookstore)
                The country's premier bookstore started from a small barong-barong that the Ramos family had shortly after the Japanese occupation in Manila. Since then, Socorro Ramos and her husband Jose Ramos worked their way to building store after store until their bookstore became a national icon, thus the National Bookstore.

Which are unique?

                The unique one is the business of Mrs. Lolita Hizon. She discover it when a neighbor, who was a pork vendor, failed to sell five remaining kilos of pork, Hizon offered to process the excess produce into tocino, wherein cured pork is marinated in sweet red sauce for meat preservation. The sweet-tasting meat immediately sold like hotcakes. Consequently, the instant success inspired Apong Lolet to try setting up her own business.